O Level


Introduction to O-Level


Cambridge Ordinary Level/IGCSE commonly known as O-Level is an internationally recognized qualification offered by Cambridge University, U.K. This is also called CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and it is one of the most popular and worldwide recognized degree. It provides learners with an excellent preparation opportunity for Cambridge Advanced Level (A-Level) examination as well as other progression routes. 


In Pakistan O-Level is considered equal to Matriculation and after completing O-Level, students can obtain admission in CambridgeA- levels or On the other hand, they can also be admitted in FSc, ICS, I.Com or FA. 


O- level is a concept based study program. The Cambridge O-Level curriculum enables teaching to be placed in a localized context, making it relevant wherever you teach it. A thorough orientation and training of faculty is conducted by Cambridge University every year.

Students are provided many study combinations by Cambridge and one can choose from more than 40 subjects in any combination. Schools in Pakistan generally provide 03 major study groups which are Science, Business & ICT

O-Level Program provides an excellent feature for students that they can reappear in any subject in case if they wish to improve their Grades even after clearing O or A Level. 


In majority of school in Pakistan, O-levels is 03 Years program. It starts from Grade 9 and ends in Grade 11. The Pakistani National students have to appear in 08 Subjects to obtain an O-Level Degree. In case of Foreign Citizenship the students are exempted from appearing in Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu.

 O-Level at PAS

What distinguishes O-Level at PAS from other institutions goes beyond the duration of the course. It is our teaching methodology which brings about the difference. Whereas other institutions follow a lecture based system, learning at PAS is achieved through a subtle concoction of lecture and activity based learning. 

Class time is devoted to healthy discussions where students brainstorm ideas, question notions of the past and experiment with new methods and techniques to solve problems assigned to them. Class work, home assignments and extra worksheets/handouts are provided to students to give them a thorough understanding of various concepts.

Summer vacations are condensed to allow maximum utilization of time and remedial classes for various subjects are arranged all the year round, with special emphasis on English and Mathematics. 


PAS offers both a standard 03 years program. In standard 03 Years Program students enter into Pre O-Level Classes in 8th Grade and in 9th Grade enters into formal O-Level class and finishes the program in 11th Grade. Exceptional students are also offered 2 years Fast Track Program after an internal academic Assessment.

PAS has prepared an excellent O-Level program; early introduction to few basic subjects such as Mathematics, Computers and English Language begins at Grade 7. In 8th Grade few initial Chapters of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are given as optional subjects to Students to observe their attitude toward particular Science or Business study groups.

Examination & Study Groups

PAS students have to appear in minimum 08 subjects Examinations during 2 to 3 years but facilitation is also provided in case if they like to appear in extra subjects. O-Level exam are now called as Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and they are conducted in months of May and October each year. Registrations for Exams are conducted in January & August.  PAS’s academic team decides about student Examination appearance as per their preparations. 

            Following are the 5 Compulsory Subjects for O-Level in Pakistan:

  1. English      2. Mathematics    3. Urdu     4. Islamiyat     5. Pakistan Studies 

In addition to Compulsory Subjects Students have to select any of the following 3 subject Groups:

1.     Science Group:                          Physics , Biology, Chemistry

2.     General Science Group:          ICT, Physics, Chemistry 

3.     Business Group A:                    Accounting, Business Studies, Economics

4.     Business Group B:                    ICT, Business Studies, Accounting

Academic Assessment System

PAS O-Level students are assessed to observe the academic growth and understanding of study concepts. It is the most important feature of PAS O-Level Program as it enables Students, Teachers and Parents to develop a mutual strategy to overcome any weaknesses in any of the subjects. 

An excellent Check Point system throughout Grade 7 and Grade 8 is implemented to judge student performance and it is shared with parents  and due to this practice, the Head of Program, Parents and Student select any of Science, Business or ICT groups  as final study program for O-Level.

Internal Assessment:  It comprises of 02  terms annually. These terms have a Checkpoint in October, followed by a Midterm in December. Second Checkpoint comes in February followed by a Final Examination in May. Mock Examinations are held for grades 9th and 10th in the second week of March.


PAS offers scholastic faculty to groom and guide the pupils with comprehensive teaching techniques. At PAS each subject is taught by a Subject Specialist Teacher and all the Faculty is qualified and experienced in their relevant subjects as per the standard of CIE Exams. Standardized Computer Lab and Science laboratories not only help Teachers to teach but it also make learning a fascinating experience for the students.

Furthermore O-Level Faculty also offered professional training workshops and conferences to polish their skills. At PAS every effort is made to select professional, skilled and competent Faculty members to ensure a great teaching environment.  


PAS bears affiliation with Cambridge University for O & A Level program through British Council. It is also affiliated with Rowan University New Jersey USA & NYU University UAE for Student enrollment & Faculty Training & Development. PAS also helps to offer Priority Admissions with fee scholarship after A-Level at various other Colleges and Universities around the World.  

Clubs and Societies 

At PAS students are encouraged to join at least one Club or Society to groom their minds and sharpen their abilities. Cultural and Performing Arts, Science Club & various other Extracurricular Activities are part of the academic year.  


PAS believes that playing sport at school is a bonding experience that encourages students to work together toward a common goal. Depending on the sport, it can also instill values of teamwork, discipline, morale, self-confidence and responsibility all of which is vital if students are to grow up into well rounded citizens.

At PAS students are encouraged to participate in different games like, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis and Badminton and Swimming. Excellent Play Grounds, Indoor Swimming Pool, Basketball Court & Football Fields are part of PAS infrastructure. Annual Sports week and inter-school sports competitions are conducted to make sure that students learn to work together as a team in competitive games.  

Educational Tours & Activities 

One of the very important aspects of PAS O-Level Program is Educational Tours and Outdoor Activities. On such excursions, the student practices his social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting. Students are taken to visit various organizations such as Industries, Corporate Offices, Government Departments and Service based businesses to learn about their functioning and operations. Study tours are conducted within Pakistan and as well as in different Countries. 

O-Level Admissions at PAS

Admission for O-Level in PAS are preferred from Grade 7, 8 and 9 in month of August & September each Year. All students registering for PAS O-Level has to appear in Written Entry Test and Interview by Head of Department and Principal. In case of students transferring from abroad during the academic year they can be admitted depending on their Entry Test Scores.

Foreign National Students: The Foreign National students appearing in O-Level exams in Pakistan are exempted to appear in Urdu, Islamiyat & Pakistan Studies. They only have to appear in English, Mathematics and 03 Subjects from any of the above mentioned study groups. 

Following documents are required for Registration in O-Level in PAS

  1.  NADR Form B 
  2.  NADRA Smart Card 
  3.  05 Passport size photographs 
  4.  CNIC Copies of Parents
  5.  Copy of Passport (Foreign Nationals)

 Why PAS for O-Levels

  • Purpose Built Campus    
  • Cambridge University Affiliation   
  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty 
  • CIE Exam Focused Teaching
  • Excellent Student Teacher Ratio 
  • Check Point & Mock Examinations
  • Science, Business & ICT Study Groups
  • Library, Computer & Science Labs 
  • Study Tours & Academic Internships
  • Sports & Dramatics Clubs
  • Play Grounds & Swimming Pool
  • Merit Based Fee Scholarship