Life in Lahore

The one, who has not seen the Lahore city in still unborn.
Located in the cultural heart of the Punjab, Lahore is a combination of the very ancient and the ultra-modern, truly a city in transition.

An eclectic mix of old and new, you will see modern high rise buildings and designer brand shops in some areas of Lahore while in the Old City the architecture is a testament to the famous Mogul era. The Lahore Fort is a Lahorian landmark as are a number of spectacular mosques dotted throughout the city.

Everything you need is available in Lahore including a large range of imported goods. Enjoy the local seasonal fruits and vegetables and shop in the local markets and bazaars. A highlight is the wonderful range of stunning, handmade fabrics and carpets. Tailors are inexpensive and their work is of a very high quality and almost instantaneous.

Lahore abounds in excellent restaurants and fast food outlets including the elegant Polo Lounge, the International Club, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. The city is blessed with a number of beautiful walking parks and numerous gyms and salons. Lahore. Truly a city to inspire and delight.

Getting Around

The city is also connected by rail and road with all the major cities in Pakistan. The city is less four hours’ drive from Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). The city also has convenient connections to rest of the cities in Punjab and Islamabad airports. So visiting your family and friends would never be a problem.

City Life
Living in Lahore is a rewarding experience. The people are very hospitable and friendly. Lahore makes a befitting backdrop for students to develop their life, whether at work or leisure. They can shop at the modern malls, eat a variety of food at restaurants, visit the beautiful parks, watch movies in the city cinemas, play golf at the Golf & Country Club or go for swimming at the local pools.

Lahore residents enjoy a comfortable and active lifestyle which can include dining out, entertaining, diplomatic functions, tennis, golf, horseback riding, cooking and photography classes, visiting museums and art galleries, participating in charitable organizations and a host of additional opportunities. Personal time and energy will be your main constraint. Residents will find a variety of places of worship to accommodate most spiritual needs within the community.

The majority of the residents celebrate Eid, and local businesses and offices observe government holidays. Dress within the city is modest. The expatriate community respects local values by minimizing the wearing of sleeveless tops and pants above mid-calf, outside club.

While excellent medical care is available from doctors and dentists who have qualifications from the prestigious institutions of Pakistan and United States or the United Kingdom.

Food & Drinks
Lahore is famous for its exotic cuisine. There are restaurants in big number in Lahore offering a vast variety of sumptuous food. Popular local dishes, continental, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and fast food are offered at a wide variety of eating places. You can eat and drink somewhere different every day.

Places to Visit
Lahore has a lot of tourist attractions and places of interest. There are many modern shopping malls where the visitors can enjoy shopping in controlled environment and can buy all local and international brands.

There are Clubs & Community centers which has offering everything for fun sports and recreational services. You can also get absorbed in the scenic natural beauty of Golf and Country Club. The variety of parks and recreational places ensure that the city offers something for everyone. It is a place where you can relax, socialize, or develop new interests.

People & Culture
The people of Lahore are very social and polite. They are very open and cordial to the visitors and guests. Eating is the favorite pass time.

A Hub of Commercial Activity
Lahore is the commercial and industrial nerve center in Pakistan. It is playing a major role to support the Pakistan economy. It is a large industrial city with numerous textile mills, cutlery industry and large agricultural processing plants. Lahore's major exports textiles, carpets, transformers, clothing, glass products, electric fans, surgical equipment, hosiery, leather products, metal utensils, plastic goods, washing machines, automotive machinery & parts, motorcycles, car manufacturing, food products, domestic & industrial motors, garments. Its industries have developed and introduced various products at the national & international level employing over a million people.

The rural areas around Lahore produce a large variety of agricultural goods; the main crops grown here are wheat, rice, potato, barley and millet.

With thousands of employment opportunities every year, Lahore is a desirable place to study and build a successful future. Lahore presents young professionals with a wealth of exciting opportunities.

The Suburbs
Lahore is situated in one of the most fertile regions of the subcontinent. There are various orchards and green fields. An abundance of open spaces, including local parks, nature trails and canal networks, means that you are never far away from a haven of tranquility. When you want a break from city living, some of the region's most beautiful countryside is within easy reach. Canals and waterways thread their way through the region, offering a relaxing way to explore its natural landscapes.

Lahore is a fantastic city to live and study in - it is a great place to be, so why not come and experience it for you.